Sniper Multipurpose Insect Killer

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Do you have pest (mosquitoes and cockroaches) problems in your homes? Do you find it difficult to control them? Do you need the most credible and affordable way of putting an end to this menace? then Sniper Multipurpose Insect Killer is the solution.

Sniper Multipurpose Insect Killer is a specially formulated odourless insecticide spray with a broad spectrum action against all in-home pest/insect types. Sniper Multipurpose Insect Killer is highly effective in the control of all household insects, be it flying or crawling insects. It is odourless, affordable, safe for use in homes, guarantees fast insect knockdown and has a long-lasting residual action (a night spray is enough to last you for several days). Sniper Multipurpose Insect Killer is affordable and it guarantees value for money.

How To Use

Spray directly on insects
Spray from about 30cm onto surfaces where insects usually crawl or hide and allow to dry before contact.

Do not re-enter room until after 15 minutes
Safe for use.




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